Story Time

As a data scientist at Twitch, it was my job to help people use evidence to make good decisions. I found that step 1 was actually training my colleagues to clearly communicate how they expected a plan to go. For many critical decisions there just isn't much data to go on, and expert intuition is the most important evidence to leverage. One week I made a training module using a Google form that 97% of Twitch staff would recommend to a colleague. That's when I knew I was onto something. I automated my most important job, and that’s where Evident came from.



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If you are an engineer (or engineering adjacent) and you generally prefer a hands-on introduction start here.



What People Say

I recommended the prediction training Danny developed at Twitch to all our employees. It was really useful to get people to think critically about what the expected impact of their work would be. That critical thinking is very important for anyone who makes important decisions at work.
— Emmett Shear | CEO Twitch | Part time YC Partner



Engineers and Engineering Adjacent Folks

We're working on online training for you, too. But in the meantime, definitely read this piece on the program I built at Twitch. And if you are interested, I can quickly put together an in-person training for you and your team.

I train people in the same way engineers and scientists train machine learning systems: by having them predict known outcomes of interest. The same regimen empowers teams to more accurately predict which projects will be massive hits or tragically delayed. For a thorough explanation checkout this post .


Training is, quite simply, one of the highest-leverage activities a manager can perform.
— Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel, High Output Management
Calibration training is a rare opportunity to pick up a truly valuable and general skill in a few hours.
— Holden Karnofsky | Executive Director Open Philanthropy